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New Chiefs, Established
Chiefs, Administrative Support
Personnel and for those who
desire a career as a future
Law Enforcement
The OACP Membership is only
$75.00 per year. Learn the
benefits of becoming a member
of the largest Administrative
Law Enforcement Command
Staff Association in Oklahoma
Are you prepared for 2016 model policy
Police Departments will be required as of January,
1, 2016 to have model polices in place. If you need
assistance please contact the OACP at
Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement
An excellent training opportunity for SFST certified
officers. This is a free 16 hour CLEET certified class.
These classes are held at various state-wide locations.                   
Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police
Welcome To OACP
Who is the OACP?
      The Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police represent all law enforcement executive leaders and their administrative command staff personnel in promoting professionalism  in law enforcement throughout Oklahoma.

      Our memberships consist of various agencies and state-wide municipal departments.  OACP Members are Federal, State, DPS, County, Municipal, Tribal, District Attorneys, Corporate Security, Campus, Rail, Air, Transportation and more.

      The objective of the Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police is to advance the science and art of law enforcement administration including, but not limited to; community policing and crime prevention; to develop knowledge of law enforcement practices and procedures; to foster law enforcement cooperation; and the exchange of information and experience of law enforcement administrators throughout the State of Oklahoma; to bring about enlistment and training of qualified persons in the law enforcement profession; study current and future legislation effecting law enforcement and make recommendations which would enhance the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies and organizations for the mutual benefit  of law enforcement agencies in Oklahoma ; and the encourage adherence of all of law enforcement to the highest professional standards of conduct.
To Promote Excellence in Law Enforcement through Professional Development, Ethical Standards, Technical Support and Communications.
OACP is a registered 501(c)4 non-proft registered with the Internal Revenue Department
OMAG provides free training for your department!
If your department is insured with OMAG, there is a
wealth of free training programs online, defensive
driving courses and many other services are provided
in assisting you with training your department
personnel in receiving continuing education.                                
Oklahoma Law Enforcement Challenge
The Oklahoma law Enforcement Challenge "Chiefs Challenge"
is for all agencies in Oklahoma who has a concentrated
emphasis of traffic safety in their communities and
Information Exchange Services   provided by the OACP
Stay connected, current and informed
Stanard Testing Services
Since 1976 Stanard & Associates, Inc. has been
providing public safety agencies across the United
States with testing and assessment solutions for all
stages of a public safety career. We specialize in entry-
level and promotional testing for police departments,
fire departments, county sheriff's departments and
correctional facilities.
Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police
8915 South Olie Avenue, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73139
Office: 405.672-1225    Fax: 405.703-6444

Conference 2015
2015 Annual Training
Conference & Exhibitor
Showcase is June 15th-17th, 2015
at the Norman Embassy Suites and
Conference Center in Norman